OEM parts are becoming more and more difficult to find, and when they can be found they are rarely in stock.  MLS is constantly looking for ways to improve your accessibility to OEM spec parts.  

Parts available are listed below.  If you don’t see what you need, ask us.  The list will be continuously updated.

Cincinnati Inc. Parts

  • Infranor Amps
    • Infranor 30A SMTBSIC-220/30
      • CI p/n 841080
    • Infranor 70A SMTBSIC-220/70
      • CI p/n 841081
    • Infranor 100A SMTBSIC-220/100
      • CI p/n 831261
    • Infranor Amp Rack/Power Supply RBL-70/5-3-B-D
      • CI p/n 841831
  • Cincinnati Z Axis Amp CI p/n 840069
  • Cincinnati Z Axis Logic Board CI p/n 829228  or   841155
  • Cincinnati DPC Board CI p/n  840457
  • PMAC  CI p/n 841235

Rofin Sinar Parts

  • Roots Blower WSLF 1001
  • SMPS Switched Mode Power Supply  221290
  • Y51 Valve
  • Vacuum Pump

Fanuc Parts

  • Turbo Blower
  • Discharge Tubes
  • RF Power Supply   © Midwest Laser Service, Inc. 2015